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The International Criminal Court

Destroying America's Freedom and Sovereignty













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Truth. Justice. Accountability. The idea of an international rule of law appeals to our innate sense of justice, but the most horrific plans are often cloaked in the most beautiful lies. Just as the ideals of international law are used to cloak the imperial ambitions of the globalists, so too is the idea of seeking justice in these controlled courtrooms a phoney pipe dream. Join us today on The Corbett Report as we explore the only real solution to this problem: removing the bodyguard of lies from the power elite and to withdrawing ourselves from the systems that seek to legitimize their rule.






League of Nations: Introduction
Time Reference: 00:16


Episode 234 – How To Carve Up The World
Time Reference: 04:35

James Perloff explains the CFR origins of the League of Nations
Time Reference: 04:46

Nuremberg: Tyranny on Trial
Time Reference: 07:37


Murray Bernays and Edward Bernays (see footnote #22)
Time Reference: 12:43

CFR history page admits CFR supported League of Nations
Time Reference: 13:43

The Nuremberg Trial: Landmark in Law by Henry L. Stimson
Time Reference: 14:06

Historical Roster of CFR Directors (including George H.W. Bush)
Time Reference: 16:52

Bush delivers NWO speech on 9/11/1990
Time Reference: 17:27

Angelina Jolie speaks at the CFR
Time Reference: 22:18

I.C.C. Chief Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo: Gaddafi Personally Ordered Mass Rape, Bought Containers of “Viagra-Type” Drugs for Troops
Time Reference: 25:07

US Intel: No Evidence of Viagra as Weapon in Libya
Time Reference: 25:23

“Legal Imperialism” and International Law: Legal Foundations for War Crimes, Debt Collection and Colonization
Time Reference: 26:23

James Petras on The Corbett Report
Time Reference: 30:39

UN demands prosecution of Bush-era CIA crimes
Time Reference: 37:32

Italian court finds CIA agents guilty of kidnapping terrorism suspect
Time Reference: 42:03

The Court System Song

Time Reference:




Big Push for UN's International Criminal Court - http://thenewamerican.com/usnews/politics/10440-big-push-for-uns-internationa...

International Criminal Court's "Philanthropists": the Usual Suspects - http://thenewamerican.com/usnews/foreign-policy/10450-the-iccs-philanthropist...

Hillary Clinton Stumps for International Criminal Court - http://www.thenewamerican.com/index.php/tech-mainmenu-30/computers/1604

Courting Global Tyranny - http://www.thenewamerican.com/usnews/crime/476-courting-global-tyranny





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